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Drawing Books

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  1. Tradigital Flash

    12 Principles of Animation in Adobe Flash

    By Stephen Brooks

  2. Simplifying Perspective

    An Essential Guide for Artists

    By Robert Pastrana

    Whether you’re an animator, illustrator, comic book artist, game artist, or everything in between, you need to know how to create images that accurately and realistically convey physical space and form. Master the art of perspective with Simplifying Perspective—the one and only guide that…

  3. Quick Sketching with Ron Husband

    By Ron Husband

    Quick sketching is the best technique you can use to stay finely tuned and to keep those creative juices flowing. To keep your sense of observation heightened, and to sharpen your hand-eye coordination, an animator needs to constantly draw and sketch. Quick Sketching with Ron Husband offers…

  4. Professional Manga

    Digital Storytelling with Manga Studio EX

    By Steve Horton, Jeong Mo Yang

    Combine high-end manga storytelling theory and advice with the tools for digital creation in Manga Studio, guided by expert professional manga-ka. You'll discover manga storytelling techniques, from speed lines to technology, from toning to big sound effects. Steve Horton and Jeong Mo Yang then…

  5. Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators

    By Mike Mattesi

    Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for AnimatorsCapture the force in your life drawing subjects with this practical guide to dynamic drawing techniques - packed with superb, powerfully drawn examples that show you how to: * Bring your work to life with rhythmic drawing techniques * Create appealing and…