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  1. Physics for Animators

    By Michele Bousquet

    Although animators often break the laws of physics for comedic or dramatic effect, achieving believable motion in animation requires an understanding of physics that most of us missed out on in art school. And while large studios may be able to spend a lot of time and money testing different…

  2. Tradigital Flash

    12 Principles of Animation in Adobe Flash

    By Stephen Brooks

    Use Tradigital Flash to bridge the gap between traditional animation principles and digital software. Digital animation continues to make incredible technological advancements. While these advancements give animators the capability to produce visually stunning animation, it has also created an…

  3. Professional Manga Character Design

    Taking Your Characters to the Next Level

    By Tania del Rio

  4. Simplifying Perspective

    A Step-by-Step Guide for Visual Artists

    By Robert Pastrana

    Master the art of linear perspective. If you’re an animator, illustrator, comic book artist, game artist or anything in between, you need to be able to create images that accurately and realistically show space, dimension and form. Simplifying Perspective is the one and only guide that…

  5. Hybrid Animation

    Integrating 2D and 3D Assets

    By Tina O'Hailey

    Expand your imagination by letting go of the limitations of traditional animation mediums, software packages, or workflows and integrating 2D and 3D assets. With the updated and expanded second edition of Hybrid Animation you’ll learn how to choose the techniques that best express the artistic and…

  6. Quick Sketching with Ron Husband

    By Ron Husband

    Quick sketching is the best technique you can use to stay finely tuned and to keep those creative juices flowing. To keep your sense of observation heightened, and to sharpen your hand-eye coordination, an animator needs to constantly draw and sketch. Quick Sketching with Ron Husband offers…

  7. Character Mentor

    Learn by Example to Use Expressions, Poses, and Staging to Bring Your Characters to Life

    By Tom Bancroft

    You've researched your character extensively, tailored her to your audience, sketched hundreds of versions, and now you lean back content as you gaze at your final character model sheet. But now what? Whether you want to use her in an animated film, …

  8. Elemental Magic, Volume II

    The Technique of Special Effects Animation

    By Joseph Gilland

    Design beautiful, professional-level animated effects with these detailed step-by-step tutorials from former Disney animator and animated effects expert Joseph Gilland. Filled with beautiful, full-color artwork, Elemental Magic, Volume II, breaks down the animated effect process from…

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