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  1. The Art of Digital Video

    By John Watkinson

    The industry "bible" is back and it's better than ever. The Art of Digital Video has served as the ultimate reference guide for those working with digital video for generations. Now this classic has been revised and re-written by international consultant and industry leader John Watkinson to…

    Published June 17th 2008

  2. The MPEG Handbook

    By John Watkinson

    A complete, professional 'bible' on all aspects of audio and video compression using MPEG technology, including the MPEG-4 standard and, in this second edition, H-264. The clarity of explanation and depth of technical detail combine to make this book an essential and definitive reference work.THE…

    Published September 7th 2004

  3. Digital Interface Handbook

    By John Watkinson, Francis Rumsey

    A digital interface is the technology that allows interconnectivity between multiple pieces of equipment. In other words hardware devices can communicate with each other and accept audio and video material in a variety of forms. The Digital Interface Handbook is a thoroughly detailed manual for…

    Published September 19th 2003

  4. Introduction to Digital Audio

    By John Watkinson

    Master the basics from first principles: the physics of sound, principles of hearing etc, then progress onward to fundamental digital principles, conversion, compression and coding and then onto transmission, digital audio workstations, DAT and optical disks. Get up to speed with how digital audio…

    Published September 4th 2002

  5. Introduction to Digital Video

    Edited by John Watkinson

    Covers the essential fundamentals of digital video: from video principles, to conversion, compression, coding, interfaces and output. Written for television professionals needing to apply digital video systems, equipment and techniques to multimedia and /or digital TV applications, as well as for…

    Published June 19th 2001

  6. Convergence in Broadcast and Communications Media

    By John Watkinson

    Convergence in Broadcast and Communications Media offers concise and accurate information for engineers and technicians tackling products and systems combining audio, video, data processing and communications. Without adequate fundamental knowledge of the core technologies, products could be flawed…

    Published April 10th 2001

  7. Art of Digital Audio

    By John Watkinson

    Described as "the most comprehensive book on digital audio to date", it is widely acclaimed as an industry "bible". Covering the very latest developments in digital audio technology, it provides an thorough introduction to the theory as well as acting as an authoritative and comprehensive…

    Published December 14th 2000

  8. The Art of Sound Reproduction

    By John Watkinson

    Designed to make life a little easier by providing all the theoretical background necessary to understand sound reproduction, backed up with practical examples. Specialist terms - both musical and physical - are defined as they occur and plain English is used throughout. Analog and digital audio…

    Published March 5th 1998

  9. Audio for Television

    By John Watkinson

    Audio for Television outlinines all the relevant principles and practices. Newcomers to the field will find it an invaluable, up to date resource and experienced sound people will gain from the explanations of new technology. The rate of change in the technology of television sound has recently…

    Published April 17th 1997

  10. Television Fundamentals

    By John Watkinson

    Television today means moving pictures in colour with sound, brought to the viewer by terrestrial or satellite broadcast, cable or recording medium. The technique and processes necessary to create, record, deliver and display television pictures form the major part of this book. Television…

    Published April 17th 1996