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Interactive InDesign CS5

Take your Print Skills to the Web and Beyond

By Mira Rubin

  1. ISBN: 9780240815114
  2. Publication Date: December 2010
  3. Format: Paperback
  4. Pages: 382
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    • $53.95 (USD)
    • £32.99 (GBP)
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Print designers make the transition to multimedia by mastering the interactive capabilities of InDesign with this tutorial-based guide to the new CS5 toolset that integrates with the Adobe Flash platform.

Author Bio

is an Adobe certified instructor in the Adobe Creative Suite applications and is also an eLearning specialist. As the principal of Mira Images, a Philadelphia-based Adobe Authorized Training Center and consultancy (, she has inspired reckless pursuit of all things Adobe in countless students since the dawn of the new millennium. Routinely using the full complement of CS applications in her freelance work, Mira has abundant practical experience in deploying the interactive capabilities of the suite as well as a strong foundation in animation and coding. Gifted with an ability to make even the most complex concepts understandable, she places a great emphasis on real-world skills, best practices and productivity tools.


Written in a simple, concise style, this book is for any InDesign user who wants to push the envelope on delivery without having to learn new applications.-Katherine Houghton, Adobe Certified Instructor, Amediamark

Prior to reading this book generating visually rich interactive documents was a painful and multi-application process, now with CS5 and this excellent primer, creating these documents is as easy as opening up InDesign. -Saul Rosenbaum, Visual Chutzpah

. enabled me to break through into web design more easily than imagined….provided career-transforming training and techniques by allowing a greater understanding and ability to create and implement effective web-based designs.-Lisa Adamaitis, president, Vaal Design



Part One: Interactive InDesign!

Chapter 1: Showcase

Chapter 2: Designing for Interactivity

Chapter 3: The Interactive Interface

Part Two: Buttons

Chapter 4: About Buttons

Chapter 5: Simple Image-based Buttons

Chapter 6: Multi-object Buttons

Chapter 7: Button Variations

Part Three: Animation

Chapter 8: Introducing: Animation in InDesign!

Chapter 9: Getting Fancy with Animation

Chapter 10: Multi-state Objects

Chapter 11: Banner Ads

Chapter 12: Page Transitions

Part Four: Working with Media In Indesign

Chapter 13: Abode Media Encoder

Chapter 14: Adding Media in InDesign

Part Five: Bookmarks, Hyperlinks, and Cross-references

Chapter 15: Bookmarks

Chapter 16: Hyperlinks and Cross-references

Part Six: Layout

Chapter 17: Working with Text

Chapter 18: Multi-page Document Layout

Chapter 19: Shapes and Color

Part Seven: Output: Processes, Pitfalls, and Performance

Chapter 20: Output

Chapter 21: Preparing for Output