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Blender Foundations

The Essential Guide to Learning Blender 2.6

By Roland Hess

  1. ISBN: 9780240814308
  2. Publication Date: July 2010
  3. Format: Paperback
  4. Pages: 404
  5. Price:
    • $44.95 (USD)
    • £27.99 (GBP)
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Blender Foundations is the definitive resource for getting started with 3D art in Blender, one of the most popular 3D/Animation tools on the market . With the expert insight and experience of Roland Hess, noted Blender expert and author, animators and artists will learn the basics starting with the revised 2.6 interface, modeling tools, sculpting, lighting and materials through rendering, compositing and video editing. Some of the new features covered include the completely re-thought interface, the character animation and keying system, and the smoke simulator.

More than just a tutorial guide, "Blender Foundations" covers the philosophy behind this ingenious software that so many 3D artists are turning to today. Start working today with Blender with the accompanying web site which includes all of the projects and support files alongside videos, step-by-step screenshots of the trickier tutorials, as well as a direct links to official resources like the Blender download site and artist forums.

Author Bio

This book comes to us directly from Roland Hess, noted Blender expert and authority, and is perfect for getting up to speed with Blender 2.6's new interface and many of its new features. Blender 2.6 promises to be a MAJOR departure in interface and workflow from previous versions; Blender Foundations will be a much needed resource for Blender workflows and the preferred one-stop guide for new users.


Chapter 1: Intro to 3D

Chapter 2: Getting the Blender Interface

Chapter 3: Movement, Object and Animation Basics

Chapter 4: Modeling Basics

Chapter 5: Character Modeling

Chapter 6: Rigging

Chapter 7: Sculpting

Chapter 8: Lighting

Chapter 9: Surfacing

Chapter 10: Rendering

Chapter 11: Character Animation

Chapter 12: Morphing Animation

Chapter 13: Particles

Chapter 14: Effects and environmental animation

Chapter 15: Video editing