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Close-Up and Macro Photography

By Adrian Davies

  1. ISBN: 9780240812120
  2. Publication Date: October 2009
  3. Format: Paperback
  4. Pages: 172
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    • £18.99 (GBP)
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In this exhaustive guide to macro photography, respected author and photographer Adrian Davies takes a comprehensive approach to the subject, covering every aspect of the multi-faceted and often complicated world of close-up photography.

Everything about Adrian's approach is both practical and diverse, with optimal output always in mind. His coverage of equipment, for example, goes beyond cameras to cover the application of flatbed and film scanners for close-up shots (2D, 3D, reflective and translucent subjects).

Seperate sections cover cameras and equipment, lenses, lighting, workflow and image processing. Additionally, a seperate section on 'special subjects' covers techniques for shooting both common macro subjects (including insects, fossils and coins), as well as a range of technical elements such as shiny surfaces, texture, and polarised light. The appendix includes a technical discussion on depth of field, including detailed tables, and a range of optical formulae.

Clear, concise and comprehensive, and packed with stunning images, this is a must-have purchase for all photographers looking for professional quality macro results.


"In Close-up and Macro Photography the author has written and produced the most up-to-date and comprehensive book currently available on the subject. The book is very well written, easy to read and understand and well illustrated with graphs, charts and beautifully reproduced photographs.

This book is designed for the 'serious amateur' or the seasoned professional photographer who is interested in the exciting and fascinating world of macro and close-up imaging. It includes chapters on cameras, lenses, studio set-ups and an in-depth explanation of the latest digital technologies and an ordered, sensible approach to digital workflow.

I found the book to be complete, very informative and concise and I appreciated the fact that the author looked at close-up and macro photography as both an art and a science. Highly recommended." - Harold Naideau, professional photographer, educator and president of the Long Island chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers

"Close-up and Macro Photography is one of the most comprehensible books on macro photography I have ever read. An un-missable resource for the experienced or amateur macro photographer." - Hugh Leslie,


Chapter 1: Introduction


Reproduction Ratios

Chapter 2: Image Capture

Digital Cameras

Cameras Features and Settings

Exposure Modes

Exposure Metering

Vibration Reduction

TTL Flash

White Balance

Memory Cards

Digital Backs

Image Sensors

Scanners as Close-Up and Macro Cameras

Chapter 3: Lenses

Focal length and sensor size



Close-up supplementary lenses

Magnification through extension

Extension tubes

Extension bellows

Exposure compensation with tubes and bellows

Reversing Lenses

Macro Lenses

The Canon MP - E65 Macro Lens

Wide-angle lenses

Standard lenses

Telephoto lenses

Zoom lenses


Other lens types

Perspective control lenses

Stacking lenses

Depth of field

Chapter 4: Camera supports



Tripod heads

Focusing Rail

Bean Bag

Remote release

Chapter 5: Lighting


Continuous light sources

Subject Brightness Range




Fibre-Optic Light Source


Special techniques

Chapter 6: The Macro Studio

Subject supports

Copy stands



Health and Safety

Chapter 7: Workflow and Image Processing


Camera Settings


Raw or JPEG?

Storage and Keywording

Colour Management


Chapter 8: Subject Gallery

Record Photography

Polarised light

Time Based Events and Sequences

Aquatic Subjects