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Illustrated Theatre Production Guide

2nd Edition

By John Ramsey Holloway, John Holloway

  1. ISBN: 9780240812045
  2. Publication Date: February 2010
  3. Format: Paperback
  4. Pages: 412
  5. Price:
    • $47.95 (USD)
    • £29.99 (GBP)
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This new and fully updated edition of the Illustrated Theatre Production Guide takes a step-by-step approach to the most common and popular theatre production practices, covering important issues related to the construction of wooden, fabric, plastic, and metal scenery used on the stage. This book examines theatres and their equipment, tools and materials, and scenery construction, as well as the principles of electricity and implementation of a lighting design. New additions include:

* Hundreds of unique hand-drawings that illustrate lessons, giving detailed, dimensional instruction

* New chapters on stage management and electrical theory as it relates specifically to stage lighting

* Completely revamped chapters on metal frame construction and the practice of entertainment lighting covering DMX signals, dimmer mechanics, power distribution, digital lighting

* Eco-friendly tips on how to reuse and recycle props and set material

* Multiple do-it-yourself projects and practice problems

*Companion website with a solutions manual and how-to videos that give an exclusive visual on crucial backstage tasks such as properly tying knots, building a chandelier, and constructing an outdoor stage

Illustrated Theatre Production Guide, Second Edition offers techniques and best-practice methods from an experienced industry expert, creating a foundation on which to build a successful and resourceful career behind the scenes in theatre production.

Author Bio

John Holloway is a Full Professor in the Theatre Department of the University of Kentucky where he has taught for 27 years. Professor Holloway is an ongoing freelancer involved in designing, engineering, and constructing stage scenery for television and theatre. He worked as stage mechanic and Technical Director for over 30 years, and has built scenery for over 200 plays, television shows, commercials, operas, and trade shows. Professor Holloway is a longstanding member of the professional stagehand's union, IATSE and served as the president of Local 346 for many years. He toured with the national touring companies of Grand Hotel (Tony Award winner, 1989), The Will Rogers Follies, and Camelot.




Chapter 1 Theatre Types

Chapter 2 Properties of the Proscenium Theatre

Chapter 3 Rigging

Chapter 4 Ropes and Knot Tying

Chapter 5 Soft Goods

Chapter 6 Electricity

Chapter 7 Power Distribution

Chapter 8 Dimmers and Lighting Control

Chapter 9 Photometrics and Hanging the Lights

Chapter 10 Operating a Followspot

Chapter 11 Sound

Chapter 12 Computer Programs for Theatre

Chapter 13 Stage Management

Chapter 14 Hardware, Fabrics, Adhesives, and other Theatrical Supplies

Chapter 15 Wood, Lumber, and other Building Materials

Chapter 16 Hand Tools

Chapter 17 Saws and Woodworking

Chapter 18 Constructing Flats

Chapter 19 Building Stair Units

Chapter 20 Decking Methods

Chapter 21 Metal Frame Construction

Chapter 22 Full Scale Patterns

Chapter 23 Doors and Windows

Chapter 24 Working with Foam

Chapter 25 How Do You Make.