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The After Effects Illusionist

All the Effects in One Complete Guide

By Chad Perkins

  1. ISBN: 9780240811451
  2. Publication Date: January 2009
  3. Format: Paperback
  4. Pages: 592
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    • $49.95 (USD)
    • £24.99 (GBP)
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Covers CS4

This cookbook contains recipe after recipe that allow you to harness the full power of the native plug-in effects in the After Effects application. In a step-by-step manner, author Chad Perkins guides you through the creation and application of each and every native plug-in effect available for use in the AE toolset. The book also shows you how each can be used optimally in your media project, when and why it makes sense to use each, and also how to combine multiple effects.

From color correction effects to distortion effects to stimulation effects and all in between, this book puts the full power of the AE plug-in effects in your hands. It shows you how to create, among others:

- the shatter effect

- the fractal noise effect

- the glow effects

- the Particle playground effect

- the 3D Channel Extract effect

- the Colorama effect

A CD that contains tutorial project files is included with the book, allowing you to work hand-in-hand with the lessons in the book.

All exercise files on the CD are for use in CS4 only. Non-exercise files on the CD are compatible with any version of After Effects.

Author Bio

Chad Perkins is an Adobe Certified Instructor and Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, After Effects, Premiere, and was one of the first in the world to be a Certified Expert in Adobe Encore DVD. Chad also owns Aveconta, an architectural rendering studio that creates photo-realistic renders from AutoCAD drawings and blueprints. Chad served for over two years as the Digital 3D and Animation Specialist at a leading lenticular art creation facility in Southern California, where he produced finished art for Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Disney, among others. True to his passion for movies and animation, Chad is currently directing and producing an all-CGI short film.


"…grouped into chapters that follow the same listings as the sequence the effects appear in the plug-in menu…. the book is well written and copiously populated with full colour images illustrating the concepts… a disc is provided which is packed with project files that relate to the examples in the book and allow you to jump straight to the learning without having to set up each new example to match the lesson.

Also included on the disc are three more short chapters designed to give you a mental jump start when you are running low on ideas. Suggestions about combining effects to achieve new results can often fire a spark in your mind that can lead to a new solution for a problem you are stuck on.

This book is going to remain on my desk for the foreseeable future, ready whenever i need a quick fix of inspiration or just to refresh myself about a specific effect.
If you use Adobe After Effects, then the chances are you will find something useful, informative and inspiring in this book. Highly recommended."
-- Adam Taylor, Studio Manager, Character Options Ltd


Introduction; 3D Channel Effects; Audio Effects; Blur and Sharpen Effects; Channel Effects; Color Correction Effects; Distort Effects; Expression Controls Effects; Generate Effects; Keying Effects; Matte Effects; Noise and Grain Effects; Paint Effects; Perspective Effects; Simulation Effects; Stylize Effects; Text Effects; Time Effects; Transition Effects; Utility Effects; Conclusion; CD-ROM Chapters: Using Multiple Effects Together; Enhancing Illusion with Maps; Where Do I Go From Here?