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The Darkroom Cookbook

3rd Edition

By Steve Anchell

  1. ISBN: 9780240810553
  2. Publication Date: September 2008
  3. Format: Paperback
  4. Pages: 392
  5. Price:
    • $43.95 (USD)
    • £25.99 (GBP)
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The art of darkroom developing and printing will never go out of style. Master darkroom specialist Steve Anchell is back to prove it in this long-awaited third edition of his enormously successful Darkroom Cookbook. Packed with over 200 "recipes," some common and others rare gems, you'll discover something new every time you open this guide, whether you're new to the darkroom or have been making your own prints for years. In addition to the formulas, you'll find tons of useful information on developers, push-processing, where to get darkroom equipment, how to set up your own darkroom, how to work and play in your darkroom safely, and much more. This handy guide will become a constant companion for every darkroom enthusiast creating prints at home or in the studio.

In addition to complete updates throughout to reflect changes in the availability of chemicals and equipment, this third edition contains all new information on:

*Reversal processing
*Enlarged negatives
*Pyro formulas
*Plus expanded sections on printing, pyro, and toning prints

Also included for the first time are special technique contributions as well as stunning black and white imagery by Bruce Barnbaum, Rod Dresser, Jay Dusard, Patrick Gainer, Richard Garrod, Henry Gilpin, Gordon Hutchings, Sandy King, Les McLean, Saïd Nuseibeh, France Scully Osterman, Mark Osterman, Tim Rudman, Ryuijie, John Sexton, and John Wimberly.

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Steve Anchell is a photographer and author of The Variable Contrast Printing Manual, and co-author of The Film Developing Cookbook. He has been teaching darkroom and photography workshops since 1979. Steve is a member of the Freestyle Advisory Board of Photographic Professionals.

"With its unrivalled collection of photographic formulae and easy to understand explanations of photographic processes, The Darkroom Cookbook has long been a favorite with darkroom workers everywhere. Now, with further additions to its formulary, more topics, and contributions by renowned darkroom experts, this new edition promises to be an indispensable Aladdin's Cave resource to darkroom enthusiasts of all levels.?
-Tim Rudman, photographer and author

"The Darkroom Cookbook is an essential compendium of photographic information for anyone interested in high-quality darkroom work.? -John Sexton, photographer

Author Bio

Steve Anchell is a contributing editor to Outdoor Photographer and PhotoWork magazines. He has written columns, feature articles, and interviews for Camera & Darkroom, View Camera, PIC, Shutterbug, Photo Shopper, and PhotoPro magazines. His previous two books with Focal Press, The Darkroom Cookbook and The Variable Contrast Printing Manual are photography best-sellers. Steve's photographs have been exhibited in galleries and are shown in private collections. He photographs and prints both color and black-and-white with 35mm, 2¼ and large-format ccameras. He has conducted over 80 photographic and darkroom workshops since 1979. Steve is currently the program director for the Photographer's Formulary Workshops in Condon, Montana. In early 1998, the first collection of his personal work, entitled The Nude at Big Sur, will be published by Whitefish Editions.


Amazon reviews for the Second Edition:

"Well loved and dog-eared…this book has been flipped through many times, it holds many wonderful ideas and continues to inspire me in this digital age we live in!"

"The Darkroom Bible…this book is an absolute must-have for the experienced printer who wants to step up to the next level. The wealth of information he provides, from technical to historical, is extremely interesting, albeit a bit dizzying at times. However, the book can be used as a reference as needed for information on specific chemicals, formulas, or resources for supplies and equipment. Of all the books that I have read on printing, this is the one that has been most useful."

"Excellent reference for both shooters and photo scientists…Mr. Anchell has complied an excellent book for both people becoming interested in developing their own film and those who want to know more about the chemistry of photographic processing chemicals… I used this book as a reference in a college level photographic chemistry class and I found it invaluable."


Equipment; Chemicals; Pharmacopoeia; Developers; Film Development; Monobath Film Developing; Push-Processing Film; Pyro Developers; Paper Development; Stop Baths and Fixers; Toning Prints; Reduction; Intensification; Development by Inspection; Printing-Out Processes