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Exhibiting Photography

A Practical Guide to Choosing a Space, Displaying Your Work, and Everything in Between

By Shirley Read, Shirley Read

  1. ISBN: 9780240809397
  2. Publication Date: February 2008
  3. Format: Paperback
  4. Pages: 272
  5. Price:
    • $29.95 (USD)
    • £17.99 (GBP)
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Creating and organizing successful photography exhibitions requires business finesse and expertise as well as artistic ability. Exhibiting Photography offers step-by-step guidance, paired with anecdotes and case studies of real situations to help photographers at any level improve their business skills, explore new exhibiting techniques and learn to self promote with confidence.

Addressing the technical and aesthetic concerns of amateur and professional photographers, rarely discussed in such detail, Shirley Read's informative new book explores:

.The process of finding the right exhibition space
.How to design and install an exhibition
.The right and wrong way to approach a gallery
.How to navigate contracts
.Pricing and selling
.How to establish budgets and timetables

Exhibiting Photography also includes documents and check-lists to help photographers stay organized and maximize the success of an exhibition.

Enhance your artistic ability by mastering the fundamental social, strategic and organizational skills that successful photographers utilize when navigating the world of art exhibition and commerce.


"There is a crying need for a business perspective to the contemporary creative arts. My colleagues in the professional world rightly despair at the progressive reduction in confidence and breadth of knowledge of those wishing to enter the world of commerce."
-Geoff Clark, photographer and exhibitor with 40 years' experience


Overview of process; Finding A Space to Exhibit; Planning and Research; Tasks and Options; The Follow-up; Case Studies; Documents