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Panoramic Photography

From Composition and Exposure to Final Exhibition

By Arnaud Frich

  1. ISBN: 9780240809205
  2. Publication Date: April 2007
  3. Format: Paperback
  4. Pages: 184
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    • £17.99 (GBP)
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It has never been easier to make panoramas--both in terms of the new lightweight equipment and the spectacular quality of the final image output. New vistas concerning this unique way to see the world and express oneself abound in Panoramic Photography: From Composition and Exposure to Final Exhibition. Written by one of the world's pre-eminent panoramic photographers, the author, Arnaud Frich, provides diagrams to explain the technical details involved in various shots. Long on inspiration, you will find beautiful images by the author, as well as by Benoît Ancelot, François-Xavier Bouchart, Franck Charel, Macduff Everton, David J. Osborn, and many others. Camera equipment examples and a list of suppliers make this book a valuable resource for all panoramic photographers. Inside you will find all the information you need to create your perfect panorama!

Author Bio

Arnaud Frich is a professional freelance photographer, author, and instructor who lives and works in France. He has written several books as well as articles for various specialized magazines and journals. Arnaud Frich also runs his own Internet site where the most visited headings are, apart from his portfolio, his practical guides to color management and panoramic photographic technique.


*There is a revolutin underway in panoramic photography, with new and radically better techniques yielding new possibilities and a growing number of enthusiasts.
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Solutions and Formats; Framing and Composition;
Flatback Cameras and Picture-Taking;
Picture-Taking with Swing-Lens and Rotational Cameras;
Joined Panoramas; Photographic Assemblage; After the Exposure; Directory of Photographers, Sources of Supplies, and Bibliography; Photographic Credits; Index; Portfolio