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Pro Tools for Film and Video

By Dale Angell

  1. ISBN: 9780240520773
  2. Publication Date: June 2009
  3. Format: Paperback
  4. Pages: 24
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    • £27.99 (GBP)
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This step-by-step guide for editing sound to picture using Pro Tools starts by explaining the Pro Tools systems and covers all key audio topics, including equipment, sound, music, effects, output and mixing tools, to give users the skills needed to work on any project from big budget feature film to amateur DV video in mono, stereo or surround sound.

Clearly set out and thorough in coverage, the book takes a practical real world approach, a live 35mm film project runs through the chapters illustrating how different functions are added to a film providing the real detail of how to apply it to an edit. Extensively illustrated in color and packed with time-saving hints and tips, the companion website,

., contains the various Pro Tools sessions of the project film as it moves through audio editing, ADR, mixing and final 35mm release prints.


1. Pro Tools Systems 40

LE vs. HD

MIDI Interface

Studio Design

Sync issues


2. Audio Workflow 20



Memory Locations

Time Stamping

3. Editing Tools and the Pro Tools Interface 50

The Edit Window

The Mix Window

Setups and Preferences

Editing Tools

4. Plug-ins 40




Tips and Tricks

5. Dialogue Editing and Replacement 30

Splitting off Tracks

Dialogue Editing by Character

Noise Reduction and Ambience Matching



6. Sound Design 40

Cueing Sound Effects

Track Layout

Library Sound Effects

Creating and recording Sound Effects

Creating sounds through editing

See an Animal, Hear an Animal

Ambience and Backgrounds


MIDI Foley

7. Music 20

Temp Music

Library Music

Music Rights

Scoring and Recording


Music Editing

Working with Loops and Plug-ins

8. The Dub 30

Control Surfaces and Automation

Grouping and Sub Mixers

Setting up Track Markers

Levels and Equalization

Mixing Effects and Futzing.

Mixing with automated Plug-ins

The Temp Dub

The Final Dub

Mono and Stereo

Surround and 5.1

9. Output and Delivery 30

Bouncing to Disc


Delivery on Tape

Delivery on Media File

Encoding and Compressing

Optical Sound and Pull-up

The Film Print