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For music recording and reproduction

By Philip Newell, Keith Holland

  1. ISBN: 9780240520148
  2. Publication Date: October 2006
  3. Format: Hardback
  4. Pages: 416
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    • £50 (GBP)
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Need advice on which type of speaker to use and where? Very often the choice and positioning of loudspeakers is down to intuition, hearsay and chance. This practical guide explores the link between experience and the technology, giving you a better understanding of the tools you are using and why, leading to greatly improved results.

Newell and Holland share years of experience in the design, application and use of loudspeakers for recording and reproducing music. Get practical advice on the applications of different loudspeakers to the different phases of the music recording and reproduction chain.

If you are using loudspeakers in a recording studio, mastering facility, broadcasting studio, film post production facility, home or musician's studio, or you inspire to improve your music reproduction system this book will help you make the right decisions.

Author Bio

PHILIP NEWELL (Author) International consultant on acoustic design, former technical director of Virgin Records. Has over 30 years experience in the recording industry and has been involved in the design of over 200 studios, including the famous Manor and Townhouse Studios. He is also author of Project Studios, Recording Spaces and Studio Monitoring Design, all published by Focal Press.


What is a Loudspeaker?
Diversity of Design
Loudspeaker Enclosures
Horn Loading
Effects of Amplifiers and Cables
The Room/Loudspeaker Interface
Form Follows Function
Subjective and Objective Assessment
The Travelling of the Musical Mix
The Further Considerations about Low Frequencies
The Challenge of Surround Sound