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Focal Press publishes the best Audio and Music Technology books covering Audio Engineering, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Editing, MIDI, Music Business, Dance, DJing and more. Our books are written by creative experts for creative people.


A Crash Course to Making Your Mark in the Recording Industry Cover

A Crash Course to Making Your Mark in the Recording Industry is your free guide to the ins and outs of every aspect of audio. This introduction to the recording industry covers the fundamentals of audio and the music business, and takes you through the entire production process to give you the information you need to succeed in a format that's easy to reference and digest. Brought to you by Focal Press and CreativeLIVE, this eBook was edited by Kyle P. Snyder and features original content and excerpts from leading Focal Press titles.


  1. Music Production: Recording

    A Guide for Producers, Engineers, and Musicians

    By Carlos Lellis

  2. Mastering Audio

    The Art and the Science

    By Bob Katz, Bob Katz

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